What is a Cutting Tool?

Jul 09 , 2021
Machining is one type of manufacturing operation where excess material is gradually removed by shearing in the form of chip from a preformed blank. A rigid, hard, wedge shaped device, called cutting tool, is employed for compressing the work material and thereby shearing the excess layer of material.

So the purpose of cutting tool (also called cutter) is to compress a particular layer of work material in order to shear it off. Therefore, cutter must have wedge shape with sharp edge for smoothly and efficiently removing material requiring minimum power. At the same time cutter material should be sufficiently hard so as to withstand intense rubbing occurred during machining. Along with the definition and example, purposes, various features, designations, materials and classification of cutting tools are discussed the following sections.

Cutting Tool

Classification of cutting tool
Cutting tools can be classified in various ways; however the most common way is based on the number of main cutting edges that participates in cutting action at a time. On this basis, cutting tools can be classified into three groups as given below.

Single point cutting tool—Such cutters have only one main cutting edge that participate in cutting action at a time. Examples include turning tool, boring tool, fly cutter, slotting tool, etc.
Double point cutting tool—As the name implies, these tools contain two cutting edges that simultaneously participate in cutting action at a pass. Example includes drill (common metal cutting drill that has only two flutes).
Multi-point cutting tool—These tools contain more than two main cutting edges that can simultaneously remove material in a single pass. Examples include milling cutter, broach, gear hobbing cutter, grinding wheel, etc.

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