What is the different in saw blades?

Jul 02 , 2021

Saw blades are the replaceable toothed cutting elements used in a variety of hand tools and portable and stationary power tools. They are used to cut wood, masonry, metal, bone, etc. and are distinguished from other mechanical cutting forms by their toothed designs (as opposed to abrasive cutoff wheels) and their generally single-piece construction (unlike chain-saw chains, for example). Many saw blades can be re-sharpened.

High Quality Diamond Saw Blades
The principal types of saw blades in common use include:

Circular Saw Blades
Handsaw Blades
Bandsaw Blades
Reciprocating and Jig Saw Blades
Despite significant differences in the shapes of these various blades, they share many similarities when it comes to describing their teeth and the tooth-forms. Among them:

Pitch, the number of teeth per inch, with higher numbers producing finer cuts
Tooth count, the number of total teeth, used to describe circular saw blades
Tooth type, skip, hook, and regular, determines the formation of the chip
Material, usually carbon or high-speed steel, bi-metal, or carbide tipped

Set, usually raker, alternate, and wavy, based on the thickness of the workpiece.

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