• The importance of Dental Burs |
    Jun 11 , 2021

    A bur is not just a bur Burs may account for as little as 5 percent of a sales rep’s annual consumable business. But, as one of the most critical tools in the operatory, they certainly should not be an afterthought – for reps or their dental customers! By helping dentists select appropriate burs for their practice, sales reps can point their customers toward greater efficiency and better results. ...

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  • What Is a Dental Abutment?
    May 14 , 2021

    Dental implant is a very common way to save missing teeth in our daily life. As an indispensable dental abutment in dental implant, many people don't know, so what is dental implant abutment? Most people don't think much about the different components of dental implants. That is, of course, until you have one or missing teeth and need implants yourself. Then all of a sudden, you can find yourself ...

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  • Dental implant tapered screw tap
    Dec 24 , 2020

    Dental implant bone tap /Screw tap Tap as an important auxiliary tool in dental implant placement surgery,more and more frequently used in dense bone as thread former Use a tap that matches the diameter of the implant to form a matching thread pattern in the bone, which is of great help and significance for the integration of the implant with its own bone after the implant placement operation. The...

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  • What Are the Advantages of CNC Machining?
    Dec 10 , 2020

    CNC machinery is used to automate tasks in a range of industries, including auto, manufacturing, metal fabrication, agriculture, electronics and electrical machining. Benefits of this technology include: Cost reduction Flexibility Consistent quality and results Enhanced productivity with reduced down time Improved accuracy With smart use of CNC machinery, businesses are able to remove the need for...

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  • What influence does oral cavity have to the body?
    Nov 27 , 2020

    Bad habits affect oral health. Many diseases of teeth are closely related to bad habits in people's daily life. ① Brushing teeth less than twice a day and less than three minutes each time; ② Do not gargle after meals, especially after eating fruits, and fruits and saliva react, which has a greater corrosive effect on teeth; ③ Some children have bad habits such as biting their hands and biting pen...

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  • Juicer food chopper blender pulverizer Stainless steel blade  kitchenaid Accessories
    Nov 23 , 2020

    Hello Welcome to the latest news, today we will bring you the latest business opportunity: Cooking blender blade! As the weather continues to cool, the northern hemisphere has entered a winter with a high incidence of respiratory diseases. Coupled with the national blockade caused by the continuous spread of the epidemic, people are forced to work from home or self-isolate. Affected by the epidemi...

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