• Repair and maintenance of arthroscopes shaver blade
    Mar 02 , 2022

    Arthroscopy is a rod-shaped optical instrument with a diameter of about 5mm for observing the internal structure of a joint, and is an endoscope used for the diagnosis and treatment of joint diseases. Arthroscopes have a lens at the end of a thin tube that is inserted into the joint and the structure inside the joint is displayed on a monitor. Therefore, the structure inside the joint can be direc...

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  • The performance advantages of aluminum alloys
    Feb 14 , 2022

    1. Light and soft. The density of aluminum is 2171g/cm3, which is about one-third of the density of steel; the Young's modulus is also about one-third of that of steel. 2. Good strength. The tensile strength of pure aluminum is one-fifth that of mild steel. However, after heat treatment strengthening and alloying strengthening, its strength will be greatly increased. 3. Good corrosion resistance. ...

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  • What to consider when choosing cutter blades?
    Dec 07 , 2021

    Before going online to shop for a pack of cutter blades, there are a few points to consider. The following sections will outline the most important considerations to keep in mind when choosing the most appropriate blades for your particular knife and the type of project at hand. 1. Material and construction Almost all knife brands use some type of carbon steel to construct their blades. Carbon ste...

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  • Types of hole processing tools
    Nov 18 , 2021

    Hole processing tools can be divided into drilling tools, boring tools, reaming tools and reaming tools. (1) There are many drilling tools, mainly ordinary twist drills, indexable shallow hole drills and flat drills. Ordinary twist drills are usually used for drilling with machining centers. Ordinary twist drills are mainly composed of a working part and a shank. There are two types of tool shank:...

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  • What are the types of roller screw?
    Nov 09 , 2021

    Roller screws are often considered to be best suited for applications where they replace hydraulic cylinders or other high-load drive mechanisms. Do you know what are the types of roller screw? Here, we’ll look at four roller screw designs. The planetary roller screw design uses five primary components – a screw, a nut, satellite rollers, synchronizing gears, and guide rings. The guide rings and s...

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  • Why is there a nationwide
    Oct 19 , 2021

    Recently, many provinces in China have implemented "power curtailment orders." Electricity, as an important area of people's livelihood, is closely related to people's lives. As soon as the notice of the "restriction of power supply" came out, it has repeatedly topped the hot search and has become a hot topic of people's attention. Large-scale power rationing also affected industrial production. T...

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