• Classification of milling cutters
    Jun 27 , 2023

    Classification of milling cutters 1, According to the material of the cutting part of the milling cutter: (1), high-speed steel milling cutter: more complex tools with such. (2), carbide milling cutter: most of them are welded or mechanically clamped to the body of the cutter. 2, According to the use of milling cutter: (1), milling cutters for processing planes: cylindrical milling cutters, end mi...

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  • What is milling?
    May 18 , 2023

    What is milling? If want to understand milling cutter, it is necessary to understand milling knowledge first. In the optimization of the milling effect, the milling cutter blade is another important factor, in any milling if the number of cutting blades at the same time is more than one advantage, but at the same time to participate in the cutting blade number is too much is the disadvantage, in t...

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  • What is mill cutter?
    May 05 , 2023

    What is mill cutter? Milling cutter refers to a rotary tool with one or more cutter teeth used in milling. When working, the cutter teeth successively intermittently cut off the workpiece's margin, which is mainly used in the milling machine processing plane, step, groove, forming surface and cut off the workpiece. Introduction of milling cutter The milling cutter is a multi-tooth rotary cutter, e...

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  • What is Dental Torque Wrench?
    Mar 07 , 2023

    Dental Torque Wrench Dental Implant Tools Dental Torque Wrench restorative torque wrench is a torque wrench used to precisely apply a specific torque to a fastener bolt for fixation of an abutment, dentures or prosthetics on a dental implant. Overview of Dental Torque Wrench This implant torque wrench was designed for use in dental applications. It should only be used by qualified personnel. ...

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  • National Day Holiday Notice
    Sep 28 , 2022

    Hello Sir/madam:   This is Xiamen YuShang Hardware Tools Co,.Ltd.   Wish you have a nice day.   We are approaching our National Day holiday, it's will takes our 7 days,from October 1st to October 7th.If you need anything during the holiday, please contact us at Whatsapp:+86 13666047353 Tel:+86 13666047353   If you have any purchase plans in the n...

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  • Repair and maintenance of arthroscopes shaver blade
    Mar 02 , 2022

    Arthroscopy is a rod-shaped optical instrument with a diameter of about 5mm for observing the internal structure of a joint, and is an endoscope used for the diagnosis and treatment of joint diseases. Arthroscopes have a lens at the end of a thin tube that is inserted into the joint and the structure inside the joint is displayed on a monitor. Therefore, the structure inside the joint can be direc...

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