• How to choose a dental handle?
    Sep 06 , 2021

    Many types of handles can be selected when ordering dental instruments. The weight, balance, texture, diameter (size), shape, markings and whether they are single-headed or double-headed should be considered when selecting instrument handles. Single-headed or double-headed instruments are of course personal preference. The use of double-headed instruments allows the operator to flip the instrument...

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  • What is a Dental Drill?
    Aug 16 , 2021

    Prevention is the best way to fight tooth decay. However, despite our best efforts, tooth decay can still form and must be removed to prevent long-term problems and maintain oral health. Dental drills are one of the most effective and effective ways to remove tooth decay. Although dental drills may not be the most popular dental instrument, using it to remove cavities can save time, reduce potenti...

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  • Advantages of thread milling cutter |
    Aug 05 , 2021

    With the passage of time, thread milling processing technology has become increasingly widely used in machinery manufacturing, which has promoted the development of the industry. In this industry, thread milling cutters are divided into 3 categories: Integral type: suitable for small and medium diameter thread milling of steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metal materials, smooth cutting and high dur...

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  • What is a Cutting Tool?
    Jul 09 , 2021

    Machining is one type of manufacturing operation where excess material is gradually removed by shearing in the form of chip from a preformed blank. A rigid, hard, wedge shaped device, called cutting tool, is employed for compressing the work material and thereby shearing the excess layer of material. So the purpose of cutting tool (also called cutter) is to compress a particular layer of work mate...

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  • What is the different in saw blades?
    Jul 02 , 2021

    Saw blades are the replaceable toothed cutting elements used in a variety of hand tools and portable and stationary power tools. They are used to cut wood, masonry, metal, bone, etc. and are distinguished from other mechanical cutting forms by their toothed designs (as opposed to abrasive cutoff wheels) and their generally single-piece construction (unlike chain-saw chains, for example). Many saw ...

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  • What is complete nail drill?
    Jun 25 , 2021

    Mandrel bits Mandrel bits are usually made of metal or rubber. You can slide the top of the mandrel into the sanding belt and start using it. Sanding belts cannot be sterilised. This is one of the reasons why sanding belts are single-use scraps of paper, so you must change the sanding belt after each customer. Sanding belts are usually used for surface preparation, gel removal and pedicures. They ...

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