Classification of milling cutters

Jun 27 , 2023

Classification of milling cutters

1, According to the material of the cutting part of the milling cutter:

(1), high-speed steel milling cutter: more complex tools with such.

(2), carbide milling cutter: most of them are welded or mechanically clamped to the body of the cutter.

2, According to the use of milling cutter:

(1), milling cutters for processing planes: cylindrical milling cutters, end mills, etc.

(2), processing groove (or step) of the milling cutter: end mill, disc milling cutter, saw blade milling cutter, etc.

(3), special-shaped surface milling cutter: forming milling cutter, etc.

3, according to the structure of the milling cutter

(1), sharp tooth milling cutter: the back of the tooth is straight or folded, easy to manufacture and sharpen, the edge is sharp.

(2), shovel tooth milling cutter: the back of the tooth is a truncated Archimedes spiral, this type of milling cutter after sharpening, as long as the front angle remains unchanged, the tooth shape is also unchanged, suitable for shaping milling cutter.

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