Repair and maintenance of arthroscopes shaver blade

Mar 02 , 2022

Arthroscopy is a rod-shaped optical instrument with a diameter of about 5mm for observing the internal structure of a joint, and is an endoscope used for the diagnosis and treatment of joint diseases. Arthroscopes have a lens at the end of a thin tube that is inserted into the joint and the structure inside the joint is displayed on a monitor. Therefore, the structure inside the joint can be directly observed. Arthroscopy is not only used for the diagnosis of diseases, but also has been widely used for the treatment of joint diseases.

arthroscopy shaver blade

But how to maintain and maintain it, please take a look at a few points.

1. Before use, it is necessary to carefully check whether the structure of the metal part of the arthroscope is smooth, whether the outer sleeve and the interface are tight, and whether there is water leakage; whether the gap between the metal core and the sheath, the arthroscope and the sheath is symmetrical; Center; how well the mirror tube and sheath can be locked; whether the forceps can open and close freely under the protection of the sheath; whether the mirror surface of the arthroscope is damaged or hidden.

2. After each operation, use a soft cloth dipped in soft soapy water to gently scrub the metal parts, and rinse with water. Wipe the joints of the endoscope and surgical instruments with gauze strips or cotton swabs, and rinse them clean. Mirror surface and lens are gently wiped with damp cotton, do not rub hard. Then, after enzyme soaking for 10-30 min, all instruments were rinsed with distilled water. Both the metal parts of the arthroscope and the surgical instruments need to be lubricated with silicone oil after use, in order to lubricate and prevent rust. Wipe off the silicone oil with 75% alcohol before disinfection.

3. Use and maintenance of the lighting system: In order to ensure the normal operation of the arthroscope during inspection, diagnosis and operation to ensure medical safety, the safety grounding wire must be safely grounded according to the specific requirements for lightning protection and disaster reduction, and a regulated power supply should be configured. Center for safety inspection. The cold light source is turned on from weak to strong, and it is turned off immediately after use. The coiled diameter of the fiber optic cable should not be less than or equal to 5cm, and it should not be bent to prevent breakage. After the charger is used up, it should continue to be charged for 4-6 hours, and it should be charged for 30 minutes to 1 hour before use to prevent the battery from being exhausted and the planer not running well, which will affect the operation.

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