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Aug 05 , 2021

With the passage of time, thread milling processing technology has become increasingly widely used in machinery manufacturing, which has promoted the development of the industry.

In this industry, thread milling cutters are divided into 3 categories:

Integral type: suitable for small and medium diameter thread milling of steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metal materials, smooth cutting and high durability. Thread cutters with different coatings are used to process different materials.

Replaceable blade type: It is composed of a milling cutter bar and a blade. Its characteristics are that the blade is easy to manufacture and the price is lower. Some threaded blades can be cut on both sides, but the impact resistance is slightly worse than that of the integral thread milling cutter. Therefore, this tool is often recommended for machining aluminum alloy materials.

Welding type: DIY type thread milling cutter used to process deep holes or special work pieces and weld the head of the thread milling cutter to another tool. The cutter has poor strength and flexibility, and its safety factor depends on the work piece material and the technology of the thread milling cutter maker.

 thread milling cutter

Due to the many advantages of thread milling cutters, the production of thread milling cutters in most countries has been extensive. Next, I will give you some examples of the advantages of thread milling cutters.

1: The durability of thread milling cutters is more than ten times or even dozens of times that of taps, which can reduce the time for tool change and adjustment.

2: Spiral thread milling cutter is used to process large-diameter threads and has higher precision. The thread milling cutter realizes the precision with tool compensation. Customers can choose the thread precision they need at will.

3: It is not afraid of breaking, and the thread tapping may cause scrapping of the work piece. Even if the thread milling cutter is manually broken, it is easy to take out, and the work piece will not be scrapped.

4: The finish is good, and the teeth milled by thread milling cutters are more beautiful than wire taps.

5: Blind hole thread milling cutter can be milled to the bottom, but not wire tapping.

6: The thread milling cutter can process internal and external threads with different directions of rotation, but wire tapping is not acceptable.

7: For threaded holes with the same pitch and different sizes, several taps need to be replaced, and thread milling cutters can be used universally. If the threaded hole is detected for the first time, the thread milling cutter can be corrected by tool compensation, but not the thread tapping.

8:When processing large threaded holes, the efficiency of wire tapping is low, and the thread milling cutter can be realized instantaneously.

9: The clamping is simple, the tapping requires a flexible tapping shank, and the thread milling cutter can be ER, HSK, hydraulic, thermal expansion and other shanks.

10: The thread milling cutter does not make full-tooth contact cutting, and the load and cutting force of the machine tool are smaller than that of a wire tap.

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