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Nov 23 , 2020

Hello Welcome to the latest news, today we will bring you the latest business opportunity: Cooking blender blade

As the weather continues to cool, the northern hemisphere has entered a winter with a high incidence of respiratory diseases.

Coupled with the national blockade caused by the continuous spread of the epidemic, people are forced to work from home or self-isolate.

stainless steel food blender blades

Affected by the epidemic, people's daily life needs have begun to change, and banning feet has increased the opportunities for home cooking. The frequency of use of the food processor is also increasing.

The core function of the food processor is the blade to cut food.

This kind of blade is made of food-grade stainless steel, which is resistant to high temperature of 800 ℃, corrosion and oil.

It is suitable for various food processing scenes, whether it is grinding, crushing, stirring, and juicing, it has a good performance,can be used to process meat, fruits and vegetables, spices, Chinese medicinal materials,and other foods.

It has perfect performance in making soy milk, milkshakes, ice cream, juice, sauces, dumplings, children's food supplements, and other foods.

Our company is very flexible in processing stainless steel blades. There are many kinds of equipment used, and the most cost-effective processing method will be selected according to the needs of customers.

Whether you are pursuing cost performance or requiring high precision, you can meet the different needs of customers. The best solution.

For customized services, please provide the necessary samples or send the original samples to our company.

Victoria Wang

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