Windshield cutting blades customized |

Nov 10 , 2020

The latest customized blade is here. This week’s customized blade is made of A2 material for cutting car windshield.

These 70 kg packages are destined for North America and contains 1,100 windshield cutting blades. Regarding to material hardness  reach HRC60-65 after heat treatment.

Our company has many years of experience in the production and processing of special-shaped blades, and the technology is mature.

We will choose the appropriate processing technology according to the product design, which is cost-effective, saves costs, and also guarantees the functions and features of the product. Product hardness 、 shape and packaging requirements are strictly in accordance with the highest standards.

By customized tools have rich production experience, fast production speed, semi-finished products in stock for many years,

generally orders are completed within 30-45 days.

Welcome to inquire about pictures and samples, please consult Victoria for details

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