What influence does oral cavity have to the body?

Nov 27 , 2020

Bad habits affect oral health.

Many diseases of teeth are closely related to bad habits in people's daily life.

① Brushing teeth less than twice a day and less than three minutes each time;
② Do not gargle after meals, especially after eating fruits, and fruits and saliva react, which has a greater corrosive effect on teeth;
③ Some children have bad habits such as biting their hands and biting pencils.

These can cause periodontal tissue damage and cause some systemic diseases. It is emphasized that the bad habits of smoking and drinking in daily life are not only harmful to the health of the whole body, but also directly stimulate the oral mucosa, leading to cancer.

Bad teeth, bad health

1. More susceptible to cancer

Gingival disease is an important reason for the increase of head tumors. Nagoya University medical research center of Japan found that the incidence rate of esophageal cancer increased 136%, head and neck cancer increased by 68%, lung cancer increased by 54%, oral cancer and tongue cancer risk increased.

2. High risk of heart disease

A study by the NHS and the University of Leeds found that people with a history of severe tooth loss in their youth had a 35% higher risk of dying from heart disease than those with four or less teeth. The toxins and bacteria produced by periodontitis can invade the blood, which not only cause platelet coagulation, but also directly form thrombus in the artery and cause acute myocardial infarction.

3. Suffering from stomach and intestines
If you have a bad tooth, your chewing ability will be limited. If food is not fully chewed, it will increase the gastrointestinal burden. Over time, there are stomach pain, abdominal pain, abdominal distension, nausea, indigestion, constipation and other symptoms.

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