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What is Natural Bone Grafts

What is Natural Bone Grafts

Mar 26 , 2021
Natural bone grafts are derived from natural sources.

Autologous or autogenous bone grafts take the graft from the same individual. Common sites used for obtaining bone grafts include the iliac crest, the mandibular symphysis, and the ramus. Since they originate from the same body, autologous grafts face minimal rejection chances, which is perhaps their most significant advantage. They also offer optimal primary implant stability and osseointegration. However, the process requires two surgical sites: the donor and the recipient site.

Allografts, on the other hand, are obtained from a human being other than the one receiving the graft. They are taken from cadavers who donate their bones, which are kept in a bone bank until a suitable recipient is found.

Since the allografts are also obtained from a human source, they have fewer rejections than synthetic materials. Allografts require sterilization and deactivation of body proteins, though, that may elicit an allergic reaction.

Xenografts are natural grafts are obtained from non-human bovine or porcine sources. Apart from the benefit of being readily available, they are not suitable bone grafting materials for everyone, as they may cause allergic reactions leading to graft rejection.

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