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Mar 18 , 2021
Your pilot drill and osteotomy formers are not meant to last forever. When they are sharp, these instruments will cut efficiently and accurately. These burs, especially the pilot, take a lot of abuse as they go through cortical bone. On top of that, every time they are heat sterilized, there is degradation of the cutting edge. All this results in a less than ideal cutting instrument.

If you are using dull pilot drills, you will find that you need to use more pressure to drive the bur through bone. Your osteotomy formers will also not cut smoothly and effortlessly through bone. This inefficiency can result in heating of the bone and possibly a larger osteotomy than recommended. Both of these can result in lack of primary stability and possibly failure of your implants due to bone necrosis.

Yushang recommends that your pilot be changed out every 15th osteotomy and your osteotomy formers should be replaced every 20th implant (depending on bone density) in order to keep them efficiently cutting. We do not recommend re-sharpening as that will result in a narrower diameter former which can result in compression necrosis when an implant is placed.

Make sure to use the Implant Drill Usage Correct and buy new osteotomy formers and pilot drills regularly.

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