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How to classify burs |

How to classify burs |

Mar 10 , 2022

The dental burs is a consumable tool used by the stomatologist. It is a very small steel needle. The needle consists of a needle and a needle handle. If the dentist's mobile phone is likened to a hand-held drill, the bur is equivalent to the drill bit on the drill.

First, Classification by function:

1. Initial grinding bur: When a large amount of cutting is performed, a bur with a coarser diamond grain size (>150 μm) is generally used.

2. Fine grinding burs: burs smaller than 40μm are used for fine grinding and polishing of the prepared tooth surface.

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3. Short Bing emery bur: It is used for tooth preparation with small mouth opening, especially in the preparation of teeth in the molar area or in the preparation of teeth in the molar area of patients with abnormally thick buccal fat pads.

4. Long-handled emery bur: preparation of teeth in the gingival 1/3 area with long crowns.

5. Shoulder bur: The design of this type of bur only has emery on the top of its end, which is used for trimming and preparing the shoulder of the neck edge of the tooth.

6. Slim-neck diamond bur: ensure better exposure of the operating field of view, so that the tooth preparation can accurately transition to the deep dentin, and ensure the least damage to the tooth.

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