Yushang Maxillary sinus approach Kit |

Oct 26 , 2020

Maxillary sinus approach Kit

In some cases, maxillary sinus lift is an indispensable procedure before dental implants. For this operation, Yushang has already produced the corresponding set of surgical instruments. -Maxillary Sinus Lifting Tool or SCA Kit,

This set of tools includes tools of various styles and sizes, such as drill stopper ,sinus lifting bur,Dask drills ,sinus lifting curette, and sinus lifting elevator.

Dental Drill Bits Sinus Lift Bur Dental Drill Bits Sinus Lift Bur


For this set of tools, we use stainless steel 420J2 with a gold steel grit coating on the surface. For the lifting tools, we use different colors to cover the tools to help doctors quickly identify the instruments during the operation.

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