How to ensure that dental visits are safe during the new coronavirus period?

Oct 14 , 2020

dental implant

There was no special protection to go to the dentist before AIDS was discovered, but the discovery of AIDS changed dentistry. This enabled dentists to wear gloves and goggles for the first time, and with the emergence of the new coronavirus, new health standards for the dental industry were raised again.

According to the data, although the new coronavirus is highly infectious, no infection has been found in dental clinic, which indicates that dental environment and hygiene are safer than before.

In order to ensure the safety of patients and doctors, the body temperature will be measured before each patient comes in, and the dental studio will be disinfected. Doctors will be equipped with goggles, eyes and masks. Ensure the safety of both sides and make the next patient feel at ease.

At the end of a patient's treatment, there will be 15 minutes for air purification and disinfection. The used tools will be collected and sent to be disinfected, and the staff will be disinfected and replaced with new masks and gloves immediately.

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