World Vertical Machining Center Brand Ranking

Sep 06 , 2020

World Vertical Machining Center Brand Ranking

China's current machining center technology application is basically synchronized with the world, and there is a large gap between the precision and stability of the world's first-class level. Why the same 850 vertical machining center (X-axis stroke is 800mm, Y-axis stroke is 500), there is a big price gap between foreign and domestic brands, why there is a considerable price difference between domestic brands?

First level

Switzerland Mikron, Bumotec, Starrag, Willemin-Macodel,

Germany Hermle, Alzmetall, Chiron

The machine tools of these brands are super-class players in the field of machining centers, with an average selling price of more than 1.5 million. No matter from the internal appearance, the design level and innovation, or the processing ability and precision, it is almost impeccable. Because the price is too expensive and the cost of use is too high, users often buy it when they have to. The brand image of the first-level machining center is so high that it can only be viewed from a distance for ordinary users, just like a super sports car in a machine tool.

Second level

Germany: DMG, Spinner, Stama

Japan: Okuma, Mazak, Makino, Mori Seiki, Toyota Machinery

United States: Mag, Harding Bridge

Fort Italy: Fidia

Spain: Danobat

The famous names of these companies are almost familiar, and they are the main machine tools of the world's first-class machinery manufacturers, with a selling price of 800,000-1.5 million. These players are always in the forefront of the world machine tool sales list. It is generally produced in small and medium batches, with good control and good quality, which is only used to produce high-profit products. The price is relatively grounded compared to the first level.

Third level

Joint venture: Kitakuma, Little Giant

United States : Hardinge, Haas

South Korea : Doosan, Hyundai, Samsung

China-Japan Technical Cooperation :YASHIDA

These companies are the main machine tool brands among domestic first-line machinery manufacturers. The price is between 300,000-800,000. Although companies that produce first-class products also use level 1 and level 2 machine tools, because the procurement cost is too high, the actual mass use is still mainly of level 3 machine tools. These machine tools are sturdy, durable, reliable and stable, and keep the chain at critical moments. They are a good helper to ensure product quality and production efficiency.

Fourth level

Mainland China :Beiyi, Beijing Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Nantong Technology, Shenyang, Dahlih, Xinrui, Neway, Rifa, Haitian, New Best

Taiwan, China :Litz, Wintec, Dali, Youjia, Leadwell, AGMA, Qifa

These companies are the main machine tool brands in the first and second-line machinery manufacturing companies. The price is around 320,000-45 million. The market share of the fourth-level machine tools is no less than that of the third-level. Although it is slightly inferior to the third-level in terms of stability and accuracy retention, because the price is more approachable, it has also become the main machine type in high-level machining enterprises. This level of company is composed of outstanding domestic companies and some Taiwanese companies' mainland factories.

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