Cutting Medical Bur and Diamond Bur |

Sep 10 , 2020

Cutting Medical Bur and Diamond Bur

Cutting Medical Bur and Diamond Bur

Dental diamond bur and medical bur is a product often used in dental surgery. Sometimes it is used in dentistry, but some of it is used in orthopedic surgery. It's a very widely used product. These two models come in different sizes.

Diamond bur Description'

Name: Diamond Round Bur

Model: DR

Performance Descriptions

Burring causes much heat, adequate flushing is required.

Less blood losing, ideal for precise operation.

Diamond bur is more stable with less run-out in long-distance operation.

Diameter: Φ0.5/ 1.0/ 1.5/ 2.0/ 3.0/ 4.0/ 5.0/ 6.0/ 7.0 mm

Length: 70/95/125/150 mm

Medical bur Description

Name: Stainless steel round bur

Model: SR

Type: Reusable & Disposable

Performance Descriptions

High cutting efficiency and suitable for rough burring.

Diameter: Φ0.5/ 1.0/1.5/ 2.0/ 2.5/ 3.0/ 3.5/ 4.0/ 4.5/ 5.0/ 5.5/ 6.0/ 6.5/ 7.0/ 7.5/ 8.0/ 8.5/ 9.0/ 10.0 mm

Length: 70/95/125/150 mm

Except these size,we also accept customized,OEMODM are welcomed,If you have sample or drawing,can contact to get the quotation.

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