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What is the dental implant surgery?

What is the dental implant surgery?

Oct 13 , 2020
Teeth are a very important part of human organs, but many people also have tooth problems. Research shows that the existing tooth problems are probably missing teeth, tooth decay, periodontitis, pulpitis and so on. In these problems, the most serious is missing teeth.

In a scientific sense, the lack of one or two teeth will not have a significant impact on people's health, but when a person's teeth are less than 28, it will have an impact on gastric function. The loss of teeth will have an impact on the chewing function of people, so it will affect the digestion of food into the stomach.

Well, there are many ways to solve the problem of missing teeth. One is removable denture, one is abutment, the other is implant. In clinical medicine, dental implant is the best way.

In dental implant, we need to use the following tools: dental drill, reaming drill, dental implant, dental abutment, dental screw, dental wrench, and various dental tools. Here is a part of the dental tool.

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