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The importance of bone drills |

The importance of bone drills |

Aug 23 , 2021

Bone drilling is sometimes a necessary part of orthopedic surgery. This is most common when a person suffers a fracture and must be treated with direct methods. This means that plates, wires and fixing screws must be used in the body. The drill itself is an electric device that surgeons use to make holes in bones. Other common reasons for drilling holes during surgery are to fix implants and install prosthetic devices. Bone drills are sometimes referred to as saws, and some types can also be used manually, although this is currently less common.

 Surgical Cortical Bone Drill For Hard Bone
Through extensive research, experts have determined that the best orthopedic drill bits are those with split points and fast spirals. It is important to minimize thermal damage when drilling through bones, and this is the primary consideration in the design process. If the temperature in the area around the borehole rises sharply, it will have a negative impact on the healing process and even cause permanent damage. Infection is another risk factor, and it is well known that blunt drill bits are usually the culprit leading to increased temperatures. The angle at which the drill bit is applied is also a basic consideration for this type of orthopedic surgery.

Discussions about how to improve bone drills to improve safety and efficiency are almost constant. It seems that the biggest problem to be solved is the presence of blunt instruments in the operating room. They not only cause the aforementioned heat increase, but also require greater osmotic pressure. This is dangerous because if the drill bit accidentally goes too far, it may cause tissue damage. The extra force required to operate with a blunt drill bit may also cause damage to the drill bit and may even put the surgeon at risk of minor injuries.

Therefore, the quality and accuracy of bone drills are very important.

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