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How to choose rotary cutter blade?

How to choose rotary cutter blade?

Oct 26 , 2021

Quilting is just one of many fabric crafts for which a rotary cutter is invaluable. Rotary cutters are usually specified by their blade diameter. There are four common models: 18 millimeter, 28 millimeter, 45 millimeter, and 60 millimeter.

  • An 18 millimeter rotary cutter is good for small, detailed cuts and for cutting curves.
  • A 28 millimeter model won’t cut quite as fine a detail, but it will slice through several layers.
  • A 45 millimeter cutter is perhaps the most popular and versatile option.  It is still relatively maneuverable and capable of cutting through many layers of material at the same time.  This model is generally suggested as the one for beginners.
  • A 60 millimeter cutter is preferable for cutting many yards of fabric or for thicker materials, like heavy cotton or leather.  Since the cutting edge is longer, the blade won’t need to be sharpened or replaced as often as other models.

Along with the standard straight-cutting blade, there are several useful variations:

  1. Pinking blades are perhaps the most common alternative, creating the same edge as pinking shears to help prevent the fraying of fabric.
  2. Scallop and wavy blades create decorative edges on fabrics or for paper crafts.
  3. Slash cut/chenille blades create straight or wavy cuts close together and frequently include a spacing guide.
  4. Skip-cut blades are designed to punch a row of holes along fabric edges to add an embroidered or crocheted finish.

rotary cutter blades

Blades are usually made of a combination of stainless steel and tungsten. They don’t rust, are very hard, and offer good edge retention. Titanium-coated blades, often gold in color, can be even sharper and more durable. However, they typically cost more.

You should now have a good idea of the key features to consider when choosing the best rotary cutter. Any question feel free to contact

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