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Coated your tools to enhance them |

Coated your tools to enhance them |

Sep 21 , 2020

Our tools can be coated in costomer's need!

As we all know, when the cutting tool has a coating, its performance can be optimized to a large extent.

For example, with high surface hardness, good wear resistance, stable chemical properties, heat resistance and oxidation resistance, low friction factor and low thermal conductivity, soil-layer tools can increase the life of 3-5 times and increase the cutting speed than uncoated tools by 20 %-70%.

Coated tools have become a symbol of modern cutting tools, and the proportion of tools used in them has exceeded 50%. Including turning tools, boring tools, drills, reamers, broaches, taps, hobs, forming tools, gear shapers, etc., coating processes can be used to improve their performance.

There are four types of coated knives: coated high-speed steel knives, coated carbide knives, and coated knives on ceramic and super hard material blades, but the first two types of coated knives are the most used.

Coating method:

At present, there are two coating methods commonly used in production, physical vapor deposition (PVD) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD).

The former has a deposition temperature of 500°C and a coating thickness of 2 to 5 filaments, and the latter has a deposition temperature of 900-1000°C and a coating thickness of 5-10 filaments.

When you are customizing your tool, if you have any coating requirements or needs, please let us know.

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