Types of hole processing tools

Nov 18 , 2021
Hole processing tools can be divided into drilling tools, boring tools, reaming tools and reaming tools.
(1) There are many drilling tools, mainly ordinary twist drills, indexable shallow hole drills and flat drills. Ordinary twist drills are usually used for drilling with machining centers. Ordinary twist drills are mainly composed of a working part and a shank. There are two types of tool shank: straight shank and tapered shank.
(2) The main feature of boring is to obtain precise hole position and size, and obtain high-precision roundness, cylindricity and surface roughness. Therefore, boring tools can be used to ensure high-precision holes.

(3) Machining centers mostly use reaming drills for reaming, and reaming knives are also used for reaming. For example, when the reaming diameter is small, a straight shank reaming knife can be used; when the reaming diameter is medium, a taper shank can be used. Type reaming knife; when the reaming diameter is large, a sleeve type reaming knife can be used.

Quality Precision Tap For Hole Processing

(4) Reaming is generally in the final stage of processing, most of which are used for finishing of holes with a diameter less than Φ25mm.

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