The importance of Dental Burs |

Jun 11 , 2021
A bur is not just a bur
dental diamond bur
Burs may account for as little as 5 percent of a sales rep’s annual consumable business. But, as one of the most critical tools in the operatory, they certainly should not be an afterthought – for reps or their dental customers!

By helping dentists select appropriate burs for their practice, sales reps can point their customers toward greater efficiency and better results. “Choosing the right bur can really make a difference in a dental practice.” When dentists do not use a bur that’s best suited to a particular procedure, they may not achieve the best possible results for their patients, he points out. “Some burs may be dull and cause root and tooth fracture,” he says. “Dull burs also may not polish the teeth well, leaving voids for bacteria and decay.”

Dentists also focus on the longevity of a bur, and whether they can be sterilized and reused. In Klein’s experience, diamond burs offer a high-quality, smooth cut. They often are the bur of choice for crown preps and fillings. By comparison, carbide burs offer a more aggressive cut and are appropriate for fast tooth removal or cutting though crowns, bridges and/or metal. Ceramic and steel burs offer longevity. Depending on the angles of the tooth structure, dentists may prefer pear, round or cross-cut tapered fissured burs. That said, many dentists base their preference on the techniques they learned in dental school, he adds.

Taking the time to help your dental customers select the right burs for their practice can make a difference to their bottom line and boost their patients’ satisfaction. Burs may be considered a small consumable, but they’re certainly an important one!

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