Procedure of dental implant |

Aug 28 , 2020
Procedure of dental implant

1. First of all, we will check the patients and design the treatment plan;

2. After the design is completed, the patient is operated. First, implant is implanted. After the implant is implanted, it is necessary to wait for a period of time for bone healing. According to the patient's condition and operation content, the operation time may be several weeks or several months;

3. After the bone union of the patients is completed, the model is taken and the prosthesis is is made on the model and finally put into the mouth of the patient;

4. Now there are more advanced technologies such as immediate implant, which can implant implants while the patient's teeth are pulled out, which can shorten the implantation time and reduce the implantation steps. Some patients can also carry out immediate restoration, that is, after the implant is implanted, the patient will be immediately installed with temporary prosthesis, so that the patient has no missing tooth period. After the osseointegration is completed, the final prosthesis will be installed.
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