How to choose a dental handle?

Sep 06 , 2021

Many types of handles can be selected when ordering dental instruments. The weight, balance, texture, diameter (size), shape, markings and whether they are single-headed or double-headed should be considered when selecting instrument handles. Single-headed or double-headed instruments are of course personal preference. The use of double-headed instruments allows the operator to flip the instruments instead of picking up different instruments in order to access another surface of the oral cavity for treatment. The single-head instrument is smaller in size, lighter in weight, more convenient to operate, and can reduce wrist pressure.

High quality dental handle for implant

Although very lightweight, the instrument can have a significant impact on the pressure on the hand. The weight of the instrument should be balanced between the ends and important enough so that the instrument does not need to pinch the handle in order to activate the stroke. Instruments that are too light can cause as much hand pressure as instruments that are too heavy.

The instrument handle can be smooth or textured, or round or angled. Classic dental office ergonomics defines round, textured surfaces that are easier to grasp than small, angled surfaces. In addition, the diameter of the handle should be larger so that the fingers can be grasped without being pinched.

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