Dental implant tapered screw tap

Dec 24 , 2020

Dental implant bone tap /Screw tap

Tap as an important auxiliary tool in dental implant placement surgery,more and more frequently used in dense bone as thread former

Tapered Implant Screw Tap

Zirconia Implant Screw Tap

Use a tap that matches the diameter of the implant to form a matching thread pattern in the bone, which is of great help and

significance for the integration of the implant with its own bone after the implant placement operation.

The appropriate thread and size can increase the connection area between the implant and the thread as much as possible,

and reduce the possibility of implant failure and oral bacterial infection after surgery.

As a manufacturer of surgical instruments for many years, Xiamen Yushang has received wide acclaim in materials selection,

processing technology, and after-sales service.

The use of surgical stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance, imported machinery and equipment and prompt and

rapid communication are recognized by customers and the market.

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